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Red Sox News & Links: Frustrations Mounting

Plus, Debuts, prospects, and more

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Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images

The Astros had some issues with PitchCom on Tuesday night, prompting a brief stoppage in the game. Alex Cora came out of the Red Sox dugout to investigate and exchanged words with Justin Verlander. The two were in the same clubhouse in 2017, when Verlander was traded to Houston for the first time, so they have some prior relationship. That didn’t stop Verlander from using some colorful language that came over the broadcast. (Christopher Smith, MassLive)

Alex Verdugo was ejected last night from the dugout. No warning, no explanation. We probably won’t ever know what he said to get tossed. If we were going to find out, it probably would have been last night. Either way, Pat Hoberg had had enough and sent Verdugo packing. The right fielder wasn’t happy with the decision. (Gayle Troiani, NESN)

On the heels of the Verdugo ejection, Wilyer Abreu found himself in the game on Tuesday night, although probably not when he expected it. After Alex Verdugo was ejected in the fourth inning, Abreu replaced him in right field and picked up his first big-league hit. Pete Alonso was not in the vicinity to throw the ball into the stands. (Tim Crowley, NESN)

Abreu’s debut doesn’t come without any irony. Abreu intended to sign with the Red Sox back in 2016 but was prevented from signing due to restrictions placed on the Red Sox. He then signed a year later with the Astros but was traded to the Red Sox in the Christian Vazquez trade. Now, he debuted with the Red Sox, against the Astros. Small world, or something. (Christopher Smith, MassLive)

Noah Song is back with the Sox after a “stint” with the Phillies. He’s 26, hasn’t pitched a ton in the minors, and will again be exposed to the Rule-5 draft this off-season. Still, the Red Sox haven’t given up on him and are mapping out a path to the big leagues. (Jen McCaffrey, The Athletic)