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The Fully Operational Deathstar

Jake and Bob discuss the weekend sweep of the Yankees, the return of Tanner Houck to the rotation, and preview the mammoth Astros and Dodgers series.

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Welcome back to The Red Seat Podcast, episode number 292. This week, Jake Devereaux and Bob Osgood talked about the weekend sweep of the Yankees, the return of Tanner Houck to the rotation, and previewed the giant week ahead against the Astros and Dodgers.

The sweep of the Yankees over the weekend has us in a good mood, rounding out a 9-4 stretch against four opponents below .500. The Red Sox did what they needed to do in those games, but sadly gained little to no ground against their wild card counterparts.

The Yankees couldn’t field, couldn’t run the bases, and did very little with the bats, but we try to focus as best we can on the positives from the Red Sox team. Brayan Bello had a much-needed stellar outing on Friday, as he enters back-to-back starts against the Houston Astros. Justin Turner is playing hurt, but arguably having one of the best seasons of his career. We took a look at his stats in the clutch, as well as where he is tracking to have career highs. Also, Luis Urias’ big week of grand slams and a fired up Alex Cora is ranting about umpires and wearing Underdog shirts under his uniform, in a not-so-subtle jab at Chaim Bloom.

Tanner Houck returns to the rotation tonight after the gruesome line drive that he took earlier this season. How do we see things playing out with the likes of Nick Pivetta and Kutter Crawford, and might this be the last of Mauricio Llovera?

Finally, we previewed the upcoming series against the Astros and Dodgers. Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez, Enrique Hernandez, and Ryan Brasier will all be returning to Fenway on Friday. Is it possible that Betts is having a better 2023 season than his 2018 MVP year?

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