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Red Sox News & Links: Here’s To The Underdogs

Fallout from a quiet trade deadline

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Miami Marlins v Boston Red Sox Photo by Paul Rutherford/Getty Images

Well, sorry Luis Urías, but you’re not going to be the biggest story to come out of the Red Sox trade deadline. What’s going to get all the attention instead is Chaim Bloom’s already infamous underdogs quote: “We’re underdogs this year, right now, where we are in the playoff odds. We just tried to stay true to that.” That quote, to be clear, is ridiculous — not because he’s calling a team with only a 25% chance to make the postseason underdogs, but because the second half of the quote suggests that, for some reason, it would have been a bad thing to improve too much. But it’s also just a meaningless, mostly harmless quote, as most things said in press conferences are. Nevertheless, the clubhouse and Kenley Jansen heard it. (Julian McWilliams, Boston Globe)

But okay, Luis, you deserve your own link, too. (Alex Speier, Boston Globe)

Anyway, the team now is what it is. And for the players who were rumored to be on the block, a quiet deadline day came as a relief. (Sean McAdam, MassLive)

As for the players who wanted to see the front office make some moves, like Rafael Devers, they’re ready to move on. (Adam London, NESN)

And let’s not lose sight of the things that actually happen on the field. And last night, while it wasn’t his strongest outing, Brayan Bello showed yet more growth. (Gio Rivera, NESN)

Besides, it’s not like the Red Sox were completely uninvolved in the splashiest trade deadline moments. To me, the funniest thing about the 2023 deadline will forever be Eduardo Rodriguez declining to spend two months on one of the best teams in baseball. Miss you, Eddie. (ESPN)