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Breakfast at Raffy’s?

An imagined meal with Raffy and Triston

Boston Red Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

There’s a new, very exclusive club in town, with just two members. It’s the breakfast club, featuring Rafael Devers and Triston Casas. Possibly there’s been no more famous or regular breakfast since the days of Johnny Pesky.

Johnny Pesky And The Breakfast Gang
Johnny Pesky proving that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Photo by Mark Wilson/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

With Triston’s early struggles this season (.133 BA to go along with a .576 OPS) he approached Devers for advice. This mentoring has blossomed into regular hangouts, and one of their key activities is breakfast together.

As a breakfast person myself, this got my attention. What happens at these meals, where do they go, what do they eat?

Let’s break this down with some of the finest investigative reporting and rampant speculation around, shall we?

What Do They Talk About?

Kicking ass, obviously. Mashing right-handed pitching. Making Gerrit Cole pay?

The Boston Herald reports that they struggle a bit with a language barrier. Fair enough, because it’s hard to have a completely authentic, natural discussion while you’re wracking your brain for the right vocabulary word and the correct tense. And I imagine their hitting discussions include plenty of technical terms — also tough, and kind of hard to fake.

But Raffy has been saying since his rookie year in 2017 that he practices his English, especially when going out to eat. I’ve long suspected that his English is better than he lets on publicly, but maybe the mentorship goes in two directions?

What Do They Eat?

It’s said that they go out for breakfast. Raffy’s favorite spot used to be Chipotle but he tried to set that aside after hiring a nutritionist a few years back. Chipotle doesn’t serve breakfast anyway.

We know that Triston loves breakfast (and all food, eating fairly continuously throughout the day). He’s said that he eats watermelon every day for breakfast, as well as avocado toast and eggs. He loves fruit, especially mixed berries. He’s a creature of habit, so I’m wondering where he can rely on getting watermelon every morning, if not at his own place?

Triston loves to cook and once waxed poetic on Twitter about the simple frying pan:

“…dudes a gamer… I’d take him on my squad any day – Triston Casas, on the versatility of the frying pan

Raffy has said he can’t cook, even boiling an egg, so something tells me he’s not in charge of this.

What Do They Do, Besides Eat?

Do you think there’s any chance they paint each other’s nails?

Boston Red Sox Spring Training 2023
Triston regularly paints his nails and changes the color.
Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Table Manners and Eating Habits

Triston has said that he can’t stand hearing people chew their food. When he eats with his dad, he has to play soft music to drown out the noise. Mind your manners, Dad. Raffy: note to self.

Alex Cora has called Triston’s love of food, and especially the quantity of said food, “eye-opening.”

“This guy eats more than — you’d rather take him out to shopping for clothes than take him out to dinner.” - Alex Cora

No word on whether breakfast is followed by yoga or shirtless sunbathing, but maybe, just maybe, it might result in AL Rookie of the Year?