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Mariners 6, Red Sox 2: The Big Dumper Drops A Deuce on Sox

Cal Raleigh’s two homers led the charge to beat back Boston, 6-2.

Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
He was good kids.
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Red Sox started a three-game series in Seattle, aka Bizarro Boston, on Monday night in incredible style against Seattle starter Dreamland native George Kirby. Jarren Duran walked after being down 1-2, then stole second and took third and home in a Keystone Kops-type start to the game:

Nick Pivetta started for the Sox, but he came out of the bullpen anyway, instead of the dugout. Because... reasons. Whatever they were, it worked, and the Sox headed to the second inning up 1-0.

Alex Verdugo drilled a single to right to start, nothing else much happened, but it was a very nice single. Cal Raleigh then ruined the vibes with a Big Dumper Deposit into right field to make it 1-1:

The Sox went quietly in the third, and then Pivetta struck out the side to give him six strikeouts going into the fourth inning, during which nothing notable happened, and in the top of the fifth, Kirby got Masa Yoshida to pop out with runners on second and third to end a threat, which was dumb because runs would have been better.

Top six the Sox got men on first and second with no out for Dugie, who hit into a double play, putting Devers at second with two outs, but nothing came of it, again, at it was still 1-1 headed to the bottom of the frame, which the apparently invincible Pivetta blew through without much resistance.

Not much happened, aside from a near Duran diner, until Raleigh struck again with a solo homer in the bottom of the seventh to make it 2-1 Mariners and make us all so sad:

Maybe that would’ve been impetus for the comeback but in the bottom of the eighth, Julio Rodriguez hit a one-out single against Joe Jacques to make it 4-1, Mariners, which was followed by another single, to make it 5-1, and another, to make it 6-1.

Connor Wong led off the the ninth with Boston’s first extra-base hit in the game, a double, but that was the extent of the excitement, as pinch hitter Adam Duvall and then Duran struck out... but the ball wasn’t corralled and he took first, then second on defensive indifference, and Justin Turner followed up with a single to make it 6-2 before Yoshida ran the count full... and lined out to shortstop to (barely) end it. Butts.