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Minor Lines, 7/3/23: Yordanny Monegro Is A Dude To Watch

Plus, another homer for Blaze Jordan

Kelly O’Connor

Worcester, L 8-1

Well, that’s a Drohan drubbing. And, unfortunately, it came right on the heels of one of only two scoreless outings he’s had in Worcester this year. It would’ve been nice to build off that momentum, but as it is, he’s really struggling to adjust to AAA.

You could be tempted to say the same for Ceddanne Rafaela on the other side of the ball, who has yet to record an extra-base hit for the WooSox who has yet to record an extra-base hit for the WooSox . . . since homering the day he made his debut. Though in his case we’re only talking about five games; he has plenty of time to figure things out.

Portland, W 9-3

Speaking of adjusting to a higher level of play, Marcelo Mayer had another multi-hit game and added in a walk. It was also his third game in a row without a strikeout. The overall stat line isn’t there yet, but he’s coming along.

In other news more relevant to this year’s big league club, yesterday was the first time Yu Chang has played 9 innings in the field in this, his second rehab stint. Hopefully this one isn’t plagued by the setbacks that characterized the first one.

Greenville, L 19-3

Yikes! A little too march partying in Asheville, the Blue Ridge Mountains’ finest city, perhaps? An ugly team game overall, but a nice little day for Blaze Jordan, who mashed his 11th homer of the year.

Salem, W 5-3

Yordanny Monegro: you are officially on the radar. After a stellar debut last week, the 20-year-old threw another scoreless 5 innings. Here’s what his hammer of a curveball looks like: