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Minor Lines 7/26/23: An Ugly Day On The Farm

The Red Sox affiliates had a run differential of -24 yesterday, and by the way, Corey Kluber had a rough rehab outing.

St. Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Worcester, Game 1: L, 8-10 (BOX SCORE)

The WooSox channeled Boston’s openers in the first game of this this double header, trotting reliever Oddanier Mosqueda out there to start the game. You’d never guess this was only a seven inning game from the final score, but that’s what happens when no pitcher, aside from the starter, was safe. By the way, Corey Kluber was the pitcher who got rocked the worst including a home run by Travis Blankenhorn, who’s had Worcester’s number all year. Kluber’s line was 3 hits, a walk, and 3 earned runs in 2 innings of work. By the time Jake Faria let a Jeter Downs home run fall, the score was 6-1. The WooSox had some tricks of their own at the plate, as Bobby Dalbec hit two home runs in as many innings and Ceddanne Rafaela pulled apart the Red Wings (Nationals AAA) bullpen. If you’re curious about Trevor Story and Reese McGuire’s rehab appearances, the former had two hits and the latter had two strikeouts. Ultimately, though, the damage was done defensively, and this noon game was a loss for Worcester.

Worcester, Game 2: W, 4-2 (BOX SCORE)

A tale of two games in this double header, as five hits and another five scoreless innings from Kyle Barraclough was enough to split the series with Rochester. It wasn’t anything flashy, but it didn’t have to be. David Hamilton scored the securing run, showing off his speed from a Ceddanne Rafaela 2-out double. Quick note: Rafaela has been mashing since arriving in Worcester.

Portland: L, 5-7 (BOX SCORE)

Portland did mostly everything right at the plate yesterday afternoon against the Richmond Flying Squirrels (Giants AA). But ultimately, starting pitcher Sterling Sharp and his six earned runs in 4 13 innings did them in. Corey Rosier continues being a speed demon, going 2-for-3 with 3 stolen bases, and Philip Sikes had two hits of his own including a rare triple. It wasn’t any one player that could harness this loss.... sometimes eight walks given up is just going to be too much, and yesterday was one of those days.

Greenville, L 3-14: (BOX SCORE)

This game was ugly from the very beginning. Angel Bastardo was tagged for three runs and four hits in the first inning, and gave up a run due to a wild pitch, and it didn’t get any easier from there. The Drive allowed the Hot Rods (Rays High-A) 21 at-bats with runners in scoring position, which is unheard of. Bowling Green got to Greenville’s pitchers early in the inning and it led to them running that score up. The 5th inning did feature Greenville hitting two long balls, courtesy of Alex Erro and Roman Anthony, who continues raking, but, stop me if you’ve heard this before: the damage was already done.

Salem, Game 1: L, 3-9 (BOX SCORE)

An ugly start to a double header against the Hillcats (Guardians A) as even with leadoff hitter and 2022 2nd round pick Cutter Coffey’s three hits including a home run, Salem could not get much going. Meanwhile, Jose Ramirez hit a batter, loaded the bases up, and surrendered a grand slam to Rafael Devers’ cousin Jose, and, again, stop me if you’ve heard this before: it did not get easier from there, as Michael Valera gave up three runs in the final seventh frame, as well.

Salem, Game 2: L, 2-7 (BOX SCORE)

Not only did Salem fans stay up until well past midnight for this end of the double header (seriously, due to a rain delay, this second game didn’t begin until after 10) they also had to see their team put up sluggish numbers in both ends of a double header. But, hey, luckily, there may not have been many Salem fans there, since this double-header was played on the road! Starting pitching was again the issue in this one; Luis De La Rosa let up five runs on seven hits in three innings. Five strikeouts is what you like to see in three innings, but everything else, not so much. Salem also committed two errors in this one, which is something you can’t do if the bats are as absent as they were on the farm yesterday... though keep your eye on Albertson Asigen, who continues to simply get on base. But, as a whole, let’s take Wednesday and put it in the “do not revisit” column, shall we?