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What Second Half Headlines Do You Want To Read?

Let’ try to predict a better future.

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Here’s a headline that sure would suck:

James Paxton Exits First Start After Trade Deadline In Third Inning, Scheduled For MRI

But alas, the future has not yet been written! So let’s get our Marty McFly on and change that headline to something a little more fun:

James Paxton Exits Phillies Debut In Third Inning, Chaim Bloom Declares “No Backsies”

Ah, that’s better.

What else would you want to see over the final months of the season? How about Jarren Duran hitting FIVE doubles, Kiké Hernandez deciding to give up baseball for podcasting, or Bobby Dalbec taking to the mound once again and then immediately being traded?

On this week’s episode of the Monsters Of Sox Podcast, Dan and Bryan sat down to try to predict the future (or, more accurately, to try to will it into existence). They discussed what strategies Chaim Bloom might pursue at the deadline, the All Star Game, and whether there’s an international conspiracy involving duplicitous Emirati currency.

So take a listen and let us know what you’d like to see in the second half of this long, strange Boston Red Sox season; bonus points for using archaic, old-timey newspaper-speak.