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OTM Open Thread 7/14: It is the Weekend

Let’s play the Cubs!

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Chicago Cubs David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, happy return to baseball, and happy Con Air Day! The Red Sox are back in action against the Chicago Cubs this weekend. Tonight at 8:05 PM ET it’s Brayan Bello. Tomorrow James Paxton starts at 2:20 PM ET. And Sunday Kutter Crawford closes things out at 2:20 PM ET. All three games on WEEI and NESN. Talk about what you want and be good to one another.

Edit: The Red Sox are just 4-10 since the release of Con Air in 1997. As you can imagine, the All-Star Break does overlap with the date often. Jonathan Papalbon did collect the win for the American League in an All-Star Game played on the 14th, so we’ll call it 4.5-10. Let’s hope for better luck tonight!