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Breaking Down The Draft With Ian Cundall of

Ian joined the show to breakdown Kyle Teel and the rest of the Red Sox draft class, as well as provide updates on numerous prospects within the organization.

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Welcome back to Episode #287 of The Red Seat Podcast. This week, Jake Devereaux and Bob Osgood are joined by Ian Cundall, the director of scouting at, to discuss the Red Sox recent selections in the 2023 MLB Draft and update us on countless prospects within the system. Follow Ian on Twitter @IanCundall.

To start the show, we discussed 1st round, 14th overall pick Kyle Teel, a left-handed hitting catcher from Virginia who won the ACC Player of the Year. Ian talked about how he fell out of the top ten, the potential for an underslot deal, as well as a tentative landing spot well within in the top-10 in the next Sox Prospects update. Next, we hit on high school shortstops Nazzan Zanetello and Antonio Anderson, the Red Sox second and third round picks. Both players are very athletic with high-upside raw tools, which Ian broke down in great detail.

From there, we discussed the plethora of college pitchers that were taken during the remainder of Day Two, through round ten. On Day Three, the most interesting pick was 80-grade name Phoenix Call, a 15th-round high-school shortstop pick. What are the odds that the Red Sox will have enough money left over after signing their top three picks to lure Call away from UCLA?

We spent the remainder of the episode discussing as many prospects that are currently in the system as possible. How warranted is the helium behind Roman Anthony’s recent ascention up ranking lists? Which of the recent promotions are most interesting out of Wikelman Gonzalez, Luis Perales, Blaze Jordan, Marcelo Mayer, Ceddanne Rafaela, Ryan Fernandez, and Yordanny Monegro? And finally, 30-second updates on Chase Meidroth, Johanfran Garcia, Yoeilin Cespedes, Cutter Coffey, Marvin Alcantara, and Freili Encarnacion.

If you have a question for an upcoming Red Seat pod, you can email us at or tweet us. Jake is @DevJake, Keaton is @TheSpokenKeats and Bob is @BobOsgood15. Thanks for listening!