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Red Sox 3, Yankees 2: It Means More

I don’t care that it’s June 9th, it means something.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t care what Nestor Cortes had to say about the rivalry. These games mean more. Even in a down year, these games matter. I’m a self-proclaimed crazy person and care about every game, but these games have a way of elevating the heart rate to a different level.

Kenley Jansen certainly played a part in making my watch think I was going for a jog, but he did the job and capped off a great team win. The ninth inning felt like an eternity, shoutout to the pitch clock for keeping that a reasonable length, but there were eight other innings. So what exactly happened?

  • It’s a week early, but Gerrit Cole gave Rafael Devers an early Father’s Day present by teaching him how to hit again.
  • Garrett Whitlock outdueled Gerrit Cole, cementing the fact that Gerrit is just a ridiculous way to spell that name.
  • Kiké Hernandez took exception to the non-stop slander he’s received by hitting a home run and making a few nifty plays in the field.
  • Triston Casas continues to try to win people over with yet another solid day at the plate.
  • Nick Pivetta pitched his way out of an inherited jam. He may not know that becoming a serviceable reliever isn’t the best way to get back to the rotation.
  • Chris Martin mowed down the top of the Yankees’ order in the eighth, as he tends to do. See Fitzy’s Twitter for a Coldplay joke, probably.
  • Kenley Jansen intentionally wore down the Yankee crowd by dangling a run in front of them, only to take it away at the last second. That much voice exertion in this air quality is unsustainable, they likely won’t be able to make as much noise tomorrow. Veteran move from the veteran closer.

I don’t want to say that this is a turning point for the team because there are still plenty of issues to resolve, but if they do start to play better ball headed into the all-star break, this could be a game to point to. In a stretch where everything seems to be going wrong, a lot of things went right tonight. It’s only June, let’s not give up just yet.

Three Studs

Garrett Whitlock (6.1 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 K)

When Whitlock has that changeup working like it can he is just so fun to watch. 17 whiffs between the slider and changeup. This start is exactly what this team needed with a worn-down bullpen and no off-day in sight.

Rafael Devers (2-4, 1 HR, 1 2B)

Rafael Devers owns Gerrit Cole, that’s just a fact. Hopefully, this changes Devers’ luck and he becomes the hitter we all know he can be.

Triston Casas (2-3, 1 RBI, 1 BB)

Casas has been swinging it well lately. It will take him a while to get back in people’s good graces after a terrible start to the season, but it really looks like he may have turned a corner. Also had a great stretch at first base to secure an out early in the game.

Three Duds

Adam Duvall (0-3, 3 K, 1 BB)

Good to have you back, Adam.

Christian Arroyo (0-4, 2 K)

Arroyo grounded into two double plays in this one and coughed up the ball on the transfer after a tough play. Get ‘em next time.

Masataka Yoshida (0-4)

Yoshida hit it where they were standing. These things happen. Nothing to worry about.

As I said early, I’m a crazy person. Here’s a scorecard I filled out as I watched tonight, because why not? Feel free to compliment my bookkeeping abilities.


Who was the Red Sox Player of the Game?

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    Rafael Devers
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    Triston Casas
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    Alex Verdugo
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