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OTM Open Thread 6/23: It is the Weekend

In the Windy City

New York Yankees (1) Vs. Boston Red Sox (4) at Fenway Park (Game 2) Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Friday. The Red Sox begin the weekend 12 games out of first, 2 games out of 4th, and 2.5 games out of third place in the AL East. They are 2.5 games back in the Wild Card hunt and at 39-37 still have a record better than every single team in the AL Central. It’s a three-game set in Chicago against the White Sox with Brayan Bello starting tonight at 8:10 PM ET, James Paxton on Saturday at 4:10 PM ET, and Kutter Crawford taking the ball Sunday at 2:10 PM ET. And for weirdness, the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals are in London this weekend. Remember that Sox/Yankees London series? Could be in for some crazy stuff again. Talk about what you want and be good to one another.