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Adam Duvall Returns to Action

In two games for Worcester, he’s not (yet) the Duvall we remember

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Since Adam Duvall landed awkwardly on his wrist while trying to make a sliding catch in center field on April 9, we’ve been lamenting how his super-hot start ended before the season had hardly begun.

He was so hot, and the Sox offense was sometimes so cold in his absence! Where was Madam Pomfrey with the Skele-Gro when we needed her? Duvall’s broken wrist could have been fused back together in just one night.

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone - Movie Stills
Look at that nice, straight arm.
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Well, Duvall’s back on the field now, and started two games for the Woo Sox this week. Duvall began his rehab assignment at DH; he went 0-3 with 2 strike outs. The next night, he started in center field; he went 0-3 with 2 strike outs. Yes, that’s four strikeouts in six at-bats. The next night, he rested.

‘It’s certain there is no fine thing / Since Adam’s fall but needs much labouring.” - William Butler Yeats

This is going to take some hard work. The good things always do, as Yeats suggests. Obviously Duvall needs time to get back in the groove. But just as obvious is his commitment to the team, and to excellence in general, so I’m not worried.

He met with a coach during the offseason to work on his mental skills and preparation. He loves playing at Fenway and being surrounded by its palpable history, and historically, he’s played well here. He’s motivated by wanting another ring — one reason he came to the Red Sox in the off-season. He thought the team had a chance.

It’ll be fantastic to have him and that positivity — and eventually his bat, we hope — back in the lineup.

Who will move to make room for Duvall? Raimel Tapia? Enmanuel Valdez? What about Kiké Hernandez? I don’t think it’ll be Jarren Duran, who I’d personally given up on long ago (I just love when I’m wrong about these things). He’s earned a spot on the team with his solid play in Duvall’s absence.

These questions and more will be asked and answered in the next few weeks, especially as Trevor Story also advances in his own journey back to the big leagues.

Welcome back, Adam — we’re rooting for you.