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Minor Lines 5/26: Ceddanne Rafaela Shows Signs Of Life

Plus, Marcelo Mayer keeps hitting.

Miami Marlins v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Worcester, L 10-1

Well, the Brandon Walter disaster season continues. He was looking like a strong candidate to emerge this season and increase his prospect stock, but for now at. least it ain’t happening. At least . . . ah, never mind; literally nothing else good happened in this game.

Portland, W 3-2

But hey! There’s something good! Nick Yorke hit another bomb tonight, his sixth of the season. He has, slowly but surely, rebuilt his prospect status.

Ceddanne Rafaela added his second homer of the year, too, even as his prospect status slowly crumbles amidst a rough start to the year.

Greenville, W 6-2

Yet another solid performance from Marcelo Mayer; one of those two hits was a double. And that’s an absolutely dominate outing from Isaac Coffey, who has now struck out 22 batters over his last 12 innings without allowing an earned run.

Salem, L 5-3

Just one hit for Ronald Acuna 2.0 tonight down in Salem. Jose Ramirez has been outstanding on the mound all season. But at 22-years-old, he’s a little old for the league and not really considered much of a prospect.