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Off-Day Recommendation: A Night at the Museum

Surf the Yoshida wave with Japanese blockbuster art at MFA Boston

The Great Wave, woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai
The Great Wave, woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai

Who isn’t still excited by Masataka Yoshida’s AL Player of the Week honors? Here’s a great way to keep celebrating: on tonight’s break from Red Sox baseball, head over to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, which is currently exhibiting the work of Japanese artist Hokusai. He’s one of the art world’s heavy hitters who has influenced everyone from Vincent van Gogh to graphic novelists. You’ll recognize at least one of his artworks or his style for sure.

I like to think that Yoshida himself may have seen the show, especially as he’s likely been a little homesick as he adjusts to life and baseball outside of his home country.

Hokusai tickets are difficult to get on the weekends, but the museum will be less crowded on a Thursday night, when it’s open until 10 p.m. (on Fridays too). To make it even a little sweeter, there is reduced admission ($5) tonight, Thursday, May 11 because the MFA is celebrating American Sign Language Night, with ASL interpreters for all activities.

If you’re not in Boston (like me) check your local art museum for evening hours anyway. Many museums have a free night once a month, usually on a weeknight. New Bedford, for example, holds AHA! Night on the second Thursday of each month – tonight is AHA! Night in fact — and museum admissions are free.

And if you make it to the MFA, say hi to my old roomie Matt. He’s their best security guard. Hi Matt, and happy off-day everyone!