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The Red Seat Podcast: Is Chris Sale Cooked?

Jake, Keaton, and Bob review a wild opening weekend at Fenway Park (Coors Field East).

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Nick Grace/Getty Images

Welcome back to The Red Seat Podcast, episode #274. On this episode, Jake Devereaux, Keaton DeRocher and Bob Osgood discussed the good (lots of hitters), the bad (lots of pitchers), and the controversial (LED lights).

To open the show, we discussed the wild series against the Orioles, beginning with three things we are excited about, including the opening series performances from Tanner Houck, Enrique Hernandez, and Alex Verdugo. This was followed by three concerns, including Chris Sale, the opponents’ running game, and an obligatory Ryan Brasier discussion. Is Chris Sale cooked, or are there enough positive signs to think that he’ll work his way out of it?

We discussed the large discrepancy between the front of the bullpen and the back of the bullpen thus far, Corey Kluber’s Klunker on Opening Day, Adam Duvall’s scorching start, and pace of play changes around the league.

Finally, we gave our thoughts on the new NESN announcer booth and give our thoughts on the LED home run lights at Fenway, before taking a couple of listener questions.

If you have a question for The Red Seat pod, you can email us at or tweet us. Jake is @DevJake, Keaton is @TheSpokenKeats and Bob is @BobOsgood15.