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Red Sox Links: Alex Verdugo Calls Out Alek Manoah

Plus, revisiting the Idiots of the 2003-04 era.

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Pittsburg Pirates v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

How important is it to have a strong April? Historically speaking, if you want to win the American League East it turns out to be pretty important. (Alex Speier, Boston Globe)

We’re not even a full week into the season, and we officially have beef. In a recent podcast appearance, Alex Verdugo ripped Alek Manoah of the Toronto Blue Jays for what her perceived to be disrespectful behavior towards the Sox last year. I say let them fight it out, not only to settle the score, but to determine, once and for all, the one true spelling of their first name. (Logan Mullen, WEEI)

The 2003 Red Sox weren’t yet “the idiots,” (the rallying cry that year, you might recall, was “cowboy up.”) But the foundation of the idiots was in place with the arrivals of Kevin Millar and Johnny Damon. As we’re a the 20th anniversary of that team, he’s a giant oral history, that includes an incredible amount of nudity (descriptive nudity, not pictorial). (Rustin Dodd and Jayson Jenks, The Athletic)

Sure, you may think you’ve seen enough of Bobby Dalbec, but can I interest you in some Bobby Dalbec with glasses? (Greg Dudek, NESN)

Is Josh Winckowski going to be a pleasant surprise for the 2023 Red Sox? (Christopher Smith, MassLive)

Oh, wow, how about that, Dan Shaughnessy is grumpy about something. This happens a lot, and today, his target is athletes who get excited when they do the cool athlete things that we all want them to do. Now that it’s legal, would somebody please get this guy an edible? (Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe)