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Minor Lines 4/27: David Hamilton Deserves A Call-Up

Plus, Ceddanne Rafaela does Ceddanne Rafaela things.

Worcester, W, 5-4

Despite his blazing speed, David Hamilton has never been much of a prospect, with scouts believing his swing wouldn’t work in the big leagues. But as Bob Osgood wrote, his hot start to the season is buttressed by legitimate improvements in both the contact he makes and the velocity on balls off the bat. He got another extra base hit last night and, obviously, yet another stolen base. With the Red Sox middle infield in shambles, Enmanuel Valdez obviously incapable of fielding at a Major League level, and the lineup generally lacking the speed necessary to take advantage of the new rules, it’s time for David Hamilton to get a chance in Boston. The scouts might still be right about his swing! But he’s 25-years-old, so we’re not running the risk of possibly ruining a young kid’s development. It’s time.

Portland, W 4-1

Ceddanne Rafaela notched two more hits including a double. He’s now turned around his season nicely and is back up above .300. Oh, and he also stole a base and did this to end the game:

Salem, L 8-5

That’s two more strikeouts for Miguel Bleis, bringing his season total up to 24 in 17 games. That’s definitely not what you want to see, but he does have a hit in 7 of his last 8 games. In fact, he’s been held hitless just 3 times all season.