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Red Sox Minor Lines, 4/20: Is Shane Drohan The Sox Best Pitching Prospect?

Plus, Marcelo Mayer gets going.


Worcester, W 7-4

With Enmanuel Valdez briefly up with the Red Sox in Boston, the Worcester lineup looked a little short on genuine prospects last night. In fact, only 3 of the top 30 prospects suited up for the WooSox last night. Chris Murphy (#17) gets flowers, as he finally put together a solid start. David Hamilton (#26) continued his strong start on the season, adding two walks and a hit to go along with what seems like his usual two steals. But Wilyer Abreu, (#24) continued his poor start, striking out twice, which gives him eight Ks on the season compared to just four hits.

Portland, W 5-2

Shane Drohan was the story in this one. He generated 21 swinging strikes on the day, is now up to 3-0 with a 0.53 ERA on the season, and is making a case that he’s the single best pitching prospect in the entire organization.

Greenville, L 16-6

With two more hits, Marcelo Mayer has officially turned around his bad start. Now it’s time for him to start showing some power. Absolutely brutal outing for Wikelman Gonzalez, but he’d only thrown 5.2 total innings pitched coming into yesterday’s game, so he may sill be knocking the offseason rust off.

Salem, L 13-4

Miguel Bleis has already ascended to the level where I’m legitimately bummed when he gets the day off. Not much went right for the Sally Sox (Are they called that? Did I just make that up?) and it’s especially disappointing seeing Jedixson Paez knocked around like that after a promising first start.