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The Red Seat Podcast: Stepping On Their Dicks

In this episode of the show we review the exciting up and down nature of the last week of Red Sox baseball.

Baltimore Orioles (10) Vs. Boston Red Sox (9) at Fenway Park (Opening Day 2023) Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Welcome back to another exciting week of Red Sox baseball. As this season has shown, anything can happen. Swept by the Pirates at home, sure! Nearly sweeping the Angels, come on down! This team is as trick-or-treat as it gets.

In this episode we explore what we can take away from the Red Sox wildly inconsistent performance that has them hovering around .500 after nearly a month of play. In addition, we discuss the resurgence of Garrett Whitlock and Chris Sale, the struggles of Brayan Bello, and the many members of the struggling Red Sox offense.

Who can the Red Sox depend on offensively? Who can they depend on in the bullpen? What should be the role of Kutter Crawford going forward? All of these questions and many more are explored in detail.

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