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Red Sox Links: An Old Friend Returned to Fenway

Plus: Wade Boggs is back in the spotlight, kinda

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Christian Vazquez returned to Fenway on Tuesday night for the first time as a visitor. Before his first at-bat, the Red Sox played a thank-you video and Vazquez received a huge ovation. He talked about how he was feeling ahead of the game. (Ian Browne,

Alex Verdugo has been a bright spot for the Red Sox this year, thanks in part to a new approach at the plate. He’s no longer trying to hit home runs and instead just taking what he’s given. Alex Cora and Verdugo spoke about the changes and how it’s helped the outfielder so far this season. (Julian McWilliams, Boston Globe)

If you didn’t catch it after the win last night, you might want to check out Alex Verdugo’s post-game interview. He had a tough time censoring himself after some late-game heroics, to Jamhai Webster’s dismay. (Mary Clarke, USA Today)

James Paxton is still down in Worcester as he rehabs. Alex Cora explained why they were having him follow an opener. Sounds like something the Rays would do, so I’m all for it. (Keagan Stiefel, NESN)

You can’t talk about Wade Boggs without talking about beer. The two go hand in hand. Boggs, however, would like to be compensated for that association. Specifically from Pabst Blue Ribbon. Boggs claims to be the inspiration for the brand’s mascot, “Cool Blue” and is entering a legal battle. Best of luck, Wade. (Scott Neville, Sports Illustrated)