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Minor Lines, 4/13: Miguel Bleis Doing Miguel Bleis Things

Marcelo Mayer on the other hand. . .

OTM Minor Lines

Worcester, L 16-1

Yikes! Chris Murphy — a guy who some people thought had a shot at making the big league team this spring — got absolutely rocked by the Columbus Clippers. And to make matters worse, there really isn’t anything else to be excited about from this game. Jarren Duran didn’t strike out? Is that something to be happy about?

Portland, W 3-2

Portland went up against Ricky Tiedmann, the Blue Jays top prospect and the 33rd-best prospect in all of baseball according to, so a little offensive sluggishness was to be expected. Nick Yorke went hitless, but he’d racked up 4 hits including a double in his previous 3 games. It’s still way too early to draw any conclusions, but if he can bounce back this year it would be a major plus for the Red Sox farm system as a whole.

Greenville, L 10-8

Well, Marcelo Mayer’s start is officially concerning. Is it just a slump, or will we have to adjust our timeline for the guy who’s supposed to be the shortstop of the future? It’s still way too early to answer that question. On the plus side, Chase Meidroth may be turning into a legitimate prospect.

Salem, W 7-6

Miguel Bleis doing Miguel Bleis things! Here’s his 10th inning triple, which won the game for Salem:

Jedixson Paez, a 19-year-old starter making his full-season debut, looked solid, too.