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OTM Open Thread 3/31: It Is The Weekend

Oh boy

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Paul Rutherford/Getty Images

Happy Friday. What an opener, eh? Oof. The bats looked alive at least. The new guys looked ready. Trevor Story was bouncing around during the introductions as he rehabs. Devers may have been the first victim of the pitch clock but he probably won’t be the last.

And, uh, people are ready to run aren’t they?

No game today as, for some reason, the day after Opening Day has 23 of the league out of action. Given how many are in bad weather it’s probably for the best anyway. If you sat through three hours of the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles playing a game not-at-pitch-clock-speed in the cold, good on you!

Talk about what you want and be good to one another.