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Masataka Yoshida’s Moment, the WBC Final, and the Yankees’ In-Flight Wi-Fi

The Pod On Lansdowne sing the praises of the Macho Man!

World Baseball Classic Championship: United States v Japan Photo by Gene Wang/Getty Images

The new episode of Pod On Lansdowne, the Red Sox show from out of left field, is LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE baybee!!

Masataka Yoshida is a World Baseball Classic champion, as Japan has outlasted the United States. The fellas talked about the game, Yoshi’s hot streak, and how important the tournament can be in the future.

Also on this episode:

-Friend of the program and Yankees fan Emily Nyman (@EmSheDoesIt) joined to discuss New York’s inability to pay for their players’ in-flight Wi-Fi packages

-We’re sick of Spring Training, frankly

-Jake has a...unique...habit when it comes to persnal hygiene.

All that and much, much more on the latest installment of Pod On Lansdowne!

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