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Miguel Bleis, Backyard Baseball, and Steven Tyler

It’s mailbag day with the Pod On Lansdowne boys!

Aerosmith in Concert - Fenway Park - August 14, 2010

The Red Sox show from out of left field is back for a mailbag episode!

Pod On Lansdowne was pleased to accept your voicemails and DMs this week as we get ever closer to Opening Day 2023.

Among the questions the fellas answered:

-Which Red Sox legend would you add to this year’s lineup?

-Which MLB stars compare to Backyard Baseball characters?

-If teams were made up of players based on the first letter of their last name, who would be the champion?

All of that and much, much more on this edition of Pod On Lansdowne!

The show and its genius co-hosts can all be found on Twitter: the show is @PodOnLansdowne, and it’s made up of @FitzyMoPena, @JakeWallinger, and @LiamFennessy_. If YOU—dear reader—want to leave a voicemail this season, you can! Give us a buzz at 617-420-2431.