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The Indeed Ads On The WBC Feed Make Me Feel Less Alone

Please hire me so I go back to being annoyed by them.

World Baseball Classic Pool D: Nicaragua v Israel
That’s our boy.
Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

I am unemployed and it sucks. Yes, I work here, at Over the Monster, but this doesn’t pay the bills. As a result of that, and of being a half-custody dad, I don’t have as much free time as I’d like, so it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I got to take in my first full baseball game of 2023: Nicaragua vs. Israel in the World Baseball Classic.

What a game! It finished 3-1 and was wonderful from start to finish: low stakes done perfectly, the platonic ideal of a small-time sporting event, all that jazz. It also had precisely two (2) sponsors on Taco Bell and, the ads for which played during every break. If their logic was that this was a game for stoners without jobs, I can’t exactly argue.

Still, it was so charming! It was a razor-thin match between two countries who’d never otherwise face off in a million years in, like, anything, and the players were fully invested. The WBC is as good as sports gets and virtually no one cares, but I do, and games like this are why.

It made me happy, which is nice because as unemployment drags on it’s harder and harder to stay positive. I know that getting a job is a lot like this scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

Such is the job search: You look, you look, you look and then the whole thing happens in a week.

Anyhow the Indeed commercials – usually narrated by Charlize Theron or Ed Norton, unless my ears deceive me – made me feel less alone. Instead of feeling like a failure I felt like someone part of a large group of job explorers in Sisyphean hell. I understand there’s record “employment,” but I’m “employed” by those standards and not truly employed at all. It’s a pisser.

So thank you, advertising, for making me feel less alone, if only for an afternoon. And thank you, teams Nicaragua and Israel, for illustrating all that is good about sports, i.e., a small, plucky country losing a game it should have won because its singular star player, a Yankees pitcher, blew it in the eighth inning. I couldn’t script it better unless someone paid me to. Which I will allow.