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Matt Barnes Has A Right To Be Mad

He earned it.

Miami Marlins Photo Day
Looks like Messi here, no?
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Matt Barnes took a swipe at Chaim Bloom yesterday when talking to Pete Abraham, which has led reputable websites like this one to take shots at him:

My unpopular yet correct opinion is that Barnes has every right to hold Bloom’s obvious five-year rebuild against him, no matter what contract Barnes ended up earning or how poorly he pitched afterward. I hated the direction the team took for a long time so I complained about it for three years but I’m largely done with that. In Barnes, I recognize a righteous hater in need of support, and support him I shall.

I’m actually fairly happy at least one member of the 2018 title team is calling the same bullshit over this process that a whole lot of us have, because as much as it stinks for us, as fans, to be effectively removed from true title contention, imagine being a player in the prime of your career? What then? I am not surprised that for at least one (1) player on the 2018 Sox — one who was a monster on the historically good title team — the result is anger.

On top of that, or maybe even moreso, he’s pissed Bloom traded him after his precipitous drop from all-star to DFA victim, a fast-moving disaster for him that coincided with the Sox bottoming out, as he told Chris Cotillo:

I go from being an All-Star closer to not making a postseason roster to being terrible for two months then on the IL for another two,” he said. “You went from the highest to the lows in the blink of an eye, it felt like. That’s not easy to deal with, honestly, especially since I felt like it was my responsibility to be the guy at the back end when all else failed.

I get why he’s mad, and I think it goes beyond sour grapes to the point that I’ll allow it. That is all.