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Who Is The Best Hang On The 2023 Red Sox?

Plus, who will have a bigger impact on the upcoming season: Richard Bleier or Adalberto Mondesi?

2023 Red Sox Winter Weekend Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

If you could hang out with one member of the 2023 Red Sox, who would it be, and what would you do?

Would you take Corey Kluber to Vegas to see if his poker face can translate to winnings at an actual poker table? How about hopping on the ferry to Provincetown for a day of bacchanalia on the beach with Kiké Hernandez? What about a road trip up to Bill Lee’s farm in Vermont with Triston Casas, where you’d spend the weekend talking about the 70s-era Sox, helping Casas develop his approach against lefties, and sampling the various, ahem, agricultural products the Spaceman might have lying around?

In this week’s episode of the Over The Monster Podcast, Dan and Bryan bro down with the Sox (in their heads, anyway), while also discussing the latest goings-on with the Olde Towne Team. They discuss whether Richard Bleier or Adalberto Mondesi will have the bigger impact on the upcoming season, the inherent risk in attempting to improve your team by targeting the bullpen, and what they hope to see from Masataka Yoshida. Plus, Bryan’s son makes a cameo appearance, and we want to make something abundantly clear: yes, you can hear him, but thanks to the magic of headphones, he was not subject to an extended discussion of shrooms.

As always, thanks for listening.