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John Henry, Alex Verdugo, and Alternate Uniforms

The Pod On Lansdowne guys are in need of new alternate threads—and new toes.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Pod On Lansdowne—the Red Sox show from out of left field—is back yet again for another episode to bless your eardrums!

Y’know what’s awesome? Lying. Y’know who would agree with me on that sentiment? John Henry, the same guy who totally wasn’t booed to the high heavens over the offseason. They were saying “Boo-urns,” you see. “Boo-urns.”

Let’s talk about some comments made by Mr. Henry regarding those “Boo-urns” moments. Let’s also talk about:

-The potential of a new Alex Verdugo contract

-The desire for new alternate uniforms in the Red Sox’s rotation

-The need to get Jake some new toes because his are all sorts of fudged up

...and much, much more on this installment of Pod On Lansdowne!

Pod On Lansdowne and its three delightfully devilish co-hosts can be found on Twitter—@PodOnLansdowne is the show itself, while the fellas involved are @FitzyMoPena, @LiamFennessy_, and @JakeWallinger.