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Spring Training Vibes Check

Which Red Sox players have the good juice heading into 2023?

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Vibes! Everybody wants them; most people don’t know how to get them; and many people aren’t quite sure what they even are. Dan and Bryan both fit into the latter category, but that doesn’t stop them in the last episode of the Over The Monster Podcast.

After some brief discussion of ferry boats the surprising chattiness of New Englanders, they dive into Jake’s controversial take on Red Sox uniforms. Bryan takes the position that grey uniforms should be killed off forever, while Dan actually respects a little thing called tradition. Next, they discuss the Boston sports media’s latest attempts at farming content. Is there actually a worrying leadership void in the Red Sox clubhouse, or are there just way too many people writing about a team who hasn’t given them much to write about yet?

Finally, they check-in on the vibes of 10 particular Red Sox players as we prepare to start the season. Who’s got the good vibes and who’s got the bad? Some of them are easy to figure out (Triston Casas = good vibes, Ryan Brasier = painfully diseased vibes), but it’s a little trickier with guys like Kiké Hernandez and Masataka Yoshida.

As always, thanks for listening.