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New Year’s Red Sox-lutions

Jake, Keaton, and Bob discuss some troubling vibes from ownership, the Teoscar Hernandez rumors, and give our New Year’s Resolutions as we head into 2024.

2019 Red Sox Winter Weekend Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Welcome back to The Red Seat Podcast, episode number 302. This week, Jake Devereaux, Keaton DeRocher, and Bob Osgood discuss the Yoshinobu Yamamoto signing in Los Angeles and the troubling vibes that we are all getting from ownership’s spending on this team (or lack thereof). They also discussed Teoscar Hernandez’s potential fit on the 2024 team and provided some helpful suggestions as New Year’s Resolutions for the Red Sox franchise.

To start the show, we discussed Sean McAdam’s comments in regard to the Red Sox spending in a post-Yamamoto pitching market. Specifically: “When I suggested free agent Jordan Montgomery as a good fall-back option, the official scoffed and offered that even Montgomery would be too expensive for the Red Sox’s current budget plans.” Fenway Park’s ticket prices continue to sit at the top of the MLB (and they continue to rise), so it’s concerning, to say the least, that team appears to be steering clear of the top five in payroll. As we pivot away from names like Yamamoto, Montgomery, and Nola to names like Imanaga, Giolito, and Paxton, there is a sour taste in the Red Seat Podcast room.

We discussed the Teoscar Hernandez rumors and whether a four-year deal would be a fit for this current Red Sox team. From there, we each gave three New Year’s Resolutions; one from ourselves as fans, and then two suggestions for the Red Sox as they build their roster entering 2024. We finished the show answering listener questions about the rotation, about the “commitment” from ownership, and even got a question from The Netherlands.

If you have a question for an upcoming Red Seat pod, you can email us at or tweet us. On Twitter, Jake is @DevJake, Keaton is @TheSpokenKeats and Bob is @BobOsgood15. Thanks for listening and Happy New Year!