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Casual Friday In Red Sox Nation

Scattered thoughts on the week that was

World Series: Red Sox v Cardinals Game 4 Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It’s been an interesting and I hope ultimately productive week in Red Sox Nation! In no particular order, and not entirely Red Sox-related, here are some things that I’ve been chewing over these past few days.

Welcome to Craig Breslow

2023 Red Sox Winter Weekend Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

You did it. You inherited a team that many were loathe to even interview with. A last-place finisher in three recent seasons, including this one. Where stories fly about bad attitudes and infighting between the manager and former CBO, not to mention management malaise.

Well, I’m really glad you’re here. We need help with pitching and I think that your eyes on that (as a former pitcher and head of pitcher development with the Cubs) are needed. I hope and believe that you’ll improve our team. I also feel like there’s been something missing from the Sox for a while now—besides a winning record, a postseason berth, and a World Series ring, I mean. I don’t know if a chief baseball officer can help with any of these things, but if you could use your charm and influence to also lean into and improve the transparency, moribund press conferences and general ickiness that’s been a recent hallmark of the Sox off-field persona, I would love that. You’re said to be a smart guy. You seem charismatic. Please and thank you.

And good luck!

Whither Eddie Romero?

That’s it, just wondering.

Jason Varitek’s Future

The Sox have spoken of Tek’s future with the Sox as if it were a foregone conclusion that one, he’d stay in Boston; two, he’s manager material; and three, he had all the patience in the world to wait around for the Sox to open up the position and give it to him. His recent interview with the San Francisco Giants for their managerial spot made me gasp for just a second—and perhaps the Sox too—as it became clear that the man has dreams and isn’t going to wait around forever.

If the Sox do want him to stay, or test his allegedly huge potential as manager, they need to make a move.

Goodbye Dusty

I enjoyed overlapping in the Bay Area with Dusty Baker’s time as Giants manager. I’m happy to see him go enjoy his well-earned retirement after a Hall of Fame career as a manager, but I’m (selfishly) sad for us. He’s a classy guy and will be missed around these MLB parts.

Last but Not Least

On this day, October 27, occurred one of the most glorious events in the history of the world. The Red Sox broke the Curse of the Bambino in 2004, something I thought I’d never see happen, just as my grandparents had never seen it happen. I loved being wrong.