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OTM Open Thread 1/9: It is Monday

After Rafael Devers, who’s next?

Pittsburgh Penguins (1) Vs Boston Bruins (2) At Fenway Park (Winter Classic) Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Monday! Now that Rafael Devers is locked up, what do the Red Sox do next? Probably find a shortstop (I know, I know) or second baseman. We can look at prospect movement through the system as much as we want but that doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee. Is there a middle infield Justin Turner out there the team feels could help hold down the fort? Over at , Will Leitch ask the question: what player should each team lock up? With Devers signed his answer is Alex Verdugo. Are you signing Duggie long-term? Talk about what you want and be good to one another.