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Pod On Lansdowne Talks Duvall, Alfaro, and Ginger Ale

Plus: have you ever thought of a Colorado Rockies-themed roller coaster before? No? Well, get ready to do so.

MLB: World Series-Atlanta Braves Championship Parade Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Pod on Lansdowne is back for another week—albeit without our favorite Connecticut-born co-host in the fold.

On this episode of the show from out of left field, Fitz and Liam discuss the then-rumored and now-confirmed acquisition of Adam Duvall and how he may solve some of the recent lineup woes that have emerged for the Boston Red Sox. Do I hear one Kiké Hernández as a shortstop to open the new season?

Jorge Alfaro’s part of the team now. That’s cool, we think! Let’s talk about that as well.


-For you ginger ale enthusiasts, the start of the show is for you

-For you Pro Player Stadium and Coors Field die-hards, just hang tight because we’ve got something else coming down this episode’s pipe

-The Colorado Rockies are weird, huh? Just a weird, weird, weird organization.

That and much more on the latest installment of Pod On Lansdowne!

Our show can be found on Twitter: @PodOnLansdowne. The co-hosts can too, now that I mention it: @FitzyMoPena, @LiamFennessy_, and @JakeWallinger.