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Red Sox Links: The Trevor Story Redemption Tour Is On Hold

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Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

After a very streaky first season in Boston, Trevor Story was expected to have a bounce back year and be a pillar of the lineup in 2023. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case for at least some of the campaign. (Julian McWilliams; Boston Globe)

Luckily, the Red Sox have improved in other parts of the game beyond offense. It might not make up for not having Story, but it should help the team be more well-rounded. (Chad Jennings; The Athletic)

The smoke continue to build in terms of the Marlins trading one or more of their talented starting pitchers, and where there’s smoke, there is fire — and by fire, I mean an eventual trade. The Red Sox are a great fit for such a deal. (Darren Hartwell; NBC Sports Boston)

Closers are intense (and a little odd sometimes), which explains this story about Jonathan Papelbon and Billy Wagner. (Ryan Gilbert; WEEI/Audacy)

There’s no excuse for picking the Yankees over the Red Sox, Tommy Kahnle. I don’t want to hear about it feeling “right.” (Adam London; NESN)