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Daily Red Sox Links: More Injury News? Must Be A Day That Ends In ‘Y’ for the Red Sox

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles James A. Pittman-USA TODAY Sports

Health hasn’t been overly kind to Garrett Whitlock (or the Red Sox in general) this season. Luckily, the Red Sox always have next year, and Whitlock does as well. (Ian Browne;

Speaking of injuries, Trevor Story was on a tear at the end of August and early September, but another malady has slowed him down and sent him to the injured list. (Christopher Smith; MassLive)

Even if seems like they’ve been a bit more thrifty in the last few years, the Red Sox haven’t spent so little enough to stay under the tax threshold. (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

But why though? (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

There hasn’t been as much intrigue as usual in terms of contested playoff races in MLB this season. (Chris Gilligan; FanGraphs)

There is still history being made, even if it is by a Yankee. With Aaron Judge in town, the Red Sox aren’t keen on being a part of the festivities. (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe)