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Daily Links: If The Injury Gods Take Garrett Whitlock Away From Us, I Can’t Be Held Responsible For My Actions

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Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox

It’s been a long time since the Red Sox have had two young, potential top-of-the-rotation starters like they do now in Garrett Whitlock and Brayan Bello. So if the injury gods take one of them away from us, I will be getting some desecration on. Here’s the latest on Garret Whitlock’s banged-up hip. (Jen McCaffrey and Chad Jennings, The Athletic)

Learn how to pronounce his name now, everybody. Ceddanne Rafaela was just named the Red Sox Minor League Player Of The Year. (Alex Speier, Baseball America)

It would’ve been cool as hell if JD Martinez’s last home run in a Red Sox uniform was an inside-the-parker. Alas, the laws of physics still apply. (Greg Dudek, NESN)

Brayan Bello threw five different pitches last night, as the Sox are “experimenting” down the stretch. (Keagan Stiefel, NESN)

Newly acquired minor league reliever Taylor Broadway comes from a lineage of elite bowlers. The last Red Sox player who could claim that won the American League MVP, and as they always say, correlation equals causation 100% of the time. So I hope Broadway’s building that trophy case now. (Christopher Smith, MassLive)

Remember when I said we’re never going to stop talking about Kevin Plawecki? I meant it, folks. (Peter Abraham, Boston Globe)