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OTM Open Thread 9/13: It is Tuesday

Operation spoiler continues

New York Yankees (0) Vs. Boston Red Sox (3) at Fenway Park Photo by Carlin Stiehl for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed the break yesterday because that’s about to be the norm. No more baseball in a few weeks. :( The New York Yankees come to town for three games. The Blue Jays (5.5 games) and the Tampa Bay Rays (6) are still within striking distance of the division...if the Sox can chip in with some wins. Remember when the Yankees were going to win 130? What a time May was. First pitch tonight is 7:10 PM ET. It’ll be Nick Pivetta vs, as of this writing, TBD. The rain in the area should clear up completely by this afternoon. Talk about what you want, enjoy some Dunks, and be good to one another.