What Would You Have Done?

OK, we've had a week to digest and process the action of the deadline. Whether you were in selling mode, buying mode, or splitting the difference mode, I think we all somehow wound up a little disappointed. So my question to you all is, what would you have done in Bloom's shoes? Lets make this realistic, and factor in all of the moves that were actually made. If you want to attempt to create a godfather offer for Shohei, go for it, but don't go down the path of trading for someone like Judge for instance, as there is absolutely no sign the Yankees were even thinking of moving him. In my example, I'm going to keep the trades that the Sox DID make intact, but you don't have to. I also will use the current prospect ratings for this.

Personally, I was in the splitting the difference model realm. I think you're not likely to compete this season, but there was no reason to do a complete strip-down and start from scratch. This is a club that is close to contention, but maybe next year. I am also a big believer in having a strong farm system, so to that end, I think it's best to maximize your value on any players you don't believe will be around. To that end, I would have been looking to buy on some players that have club control for another year or two at least, and I would have moved some veterans to replenish those prospects moved.

There are some givens for players I want around next season. Devers, Story, Casas, Verdugo, and now Hosmer are givens on the offensive side of the ball, and I would have expected Sale, Pivetta, Winckowski, Crawford, Davis, Schreiber, Whitlock, Houck, and Paxton, should be around on the pitching side of the house.

That said, guys I would have actively looked to move are JBJ, Martinez, Eovaldi, Strahm (even though hurt), Hernandez (if there's a real likelyhood of him coming back soon), Wacha, and Hill. So I will look at some of the moves out there for similar players aquired.

JBJ - The ideal move here would have been the Phillies. I have to assume they were in conversations when Marsh became available, and the upside became too great. But they also gave up a significant prospect in O'Hoppe, a 55 rated catcher who immediately became the Angels top prospect. JBJ clearly would not have brought that kind of a return between his salary and the upside of Marsh, but if the ask was for someone like Jhailyn Ortiz, a 45 rated OF with some pop in his bat, would that have made it more worthwhile? I'm not sure.

Martinez - The easy team to match up with here was the Mets. They were looking to add impact at the DH position, and went out and did it. They wound up adding Vogelbach and Ruf, to platoon there, and didn't honestly give too much up. They were looking to move the needle with Davis, and that's not a player that's worth it to the Sox here. I would have shifted to the Dodgers. They gave up Beeter, a 50 rated RHP, to the Yankees in order to bring in Joey Gallo who has been absolutely terrible. I have to think that the Sox could have gotten a better prospect, or even two for JD despite his contract being more expensive.

Eovaldi - This is where I would have gone back to the Mets. There were rumors they were interested, and I think you could have gotten them to give up something similar to the Mahle deal. The Reds got a 50 rated IF/OF, a 40 rated LHP and a 45 rated 1B/3B. Mahle does have control left, but the Mets want to win NOW, and adding playoff vet Eovaldi to deGrom, Scherzer , Carrasco and either Walker or Barrett would make for a killer playoff rotation. they were looking to avoid giving up their top 4 guys, but I think they could have gotten Something like Vientos, Hamel and Senger. Or maybe just going for one higher prospect...I also would have considered eating cash and sending BOTH Martinez and Eovaldi in order to get one of their top guys.

Wacha/Hill - This would have just been throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what stuck, but I think at least one of these guys could have fetched a middling prospect or two.

Strahm - Strahm is an interesting concept. I think he could likely have gotten you something a little less than what Rosenthal brought back, but everyone is looking for pen help at the deadline and will often overpay for a good lefty.

Hernandez- This is a complete shot in the dark, but you could take a crack at a PTBNL based on amounts of games played or something like that.

Now we get to the players I would have gone after, and there are a few. I would have made the push for Hader. He was snagged for a lot less than I would have expected, and I think he would have been a great addition to the pen. I also would have made a play for Iglesias. He's not cheap, but he's locked up. I would have made an offer for Merrifields as well, and played him in RF. If you've noticed, I did not sell on Xander. I'm hoping his market will not shape up the way he's being sold on and he will come back to Boston. If he does, I'm good with Story at 2B and Merrifield in the OF. If he doesn't, you've got your middle infield set still, and can go after an OF in free agency.