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Red Sox Minor Lines: Wow, I Really Should Have Saved The “Wow, What A Boring Day On The Farm” Headline For Today

That’ll Teach Me to Stay On Top Of My Minor League Schedules. . .

OTM Minor Lines

Did any of the non-rookie ball minor league affiliates play yesterday? No! They did not! Now I feel like an idiot for wasting a perfectly good headline on a day when there were actually five(!) games played, and you feel like an idiot for clicking on this post. Great job, everybody.

Anyway, the Florida Complex League and Dominican Summer League teams did play, but (1) I’m aesthetically offended by Major League Baseball’s refusal to give those leagues real names, and (2) I’ve always felt kind of icky analyzing and critiquing teenagers who are only just getting used to puberty, let alone learning to read breaking pitches. But if that’s your kink, Miguel Bleis went 3-5 with 2 doubles and a stolen base. Here’s hoping he gets sent to Salem soon, so we can start talking about him without worrying that the FBI is flagging our search history.