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Daily Links: Bello Is Electric, And Ohtani Might Be On The Move. . .

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Los Angeles Angels v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

If you’re still buzzing about Brayan Bello’s start the other night, you’re not the only one. As Alex Cora says, “from pitch one, that was electric.” (Jen McCaffrey, The Athletic)

Was this year’s rookie ball team in Florida the most talented collection of players since Michael Chavis, Michael Kopeck, and one Rafael Devers were down there in 2014? (Alex Speier, Boston Globe)

James Paxton is out of the year, putting him in the position of possibly ending his Red Sox career without throwing a single pitch. (Rob Bradford, WEEI)

Elsewhere around the league, Ken Rosenthal examines what the potential sale of the Angels could mean for Shohei Ohtani. Anyone out there happen to know what Ohtani thinks about chowder, quaint brick architecture, and half-functioning mass transit systems? Asking for a team. (Ken Rosenthal, The Athletic)

This isn’t a link, but it’s just something you need to see: Oneil Cruz’s 122.4 MPH, wall-banging single, which is the hardest hit ball of the StatCast era, and, for all we know, the hardest hit ball of all-time: