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The Red Seat Podcast: Mi Casas es su Casas?

In this episode of the show we explore the latest Red Sox news including the decision not to bring up Triston Casas.

Buffalo Bisons Vs. Worcester Red Sox at Polar Park

With just under 40 games left to play the Red Sox are adding more players to the injured list and finding themselves far away from the playoffs. On this episode of “The Red Seat” we discuss the injuries to Eric Hosmer and Nathan Eovaldi as well as the return of Brayan Bello. Why did the Red Sox decide to go with Franchy Cordero instead of Triston Casas? How far away is Trevor Story from game action? Is it time to waive the white flag on the season?

If we are indeed waiving the white flag Keaton and I discuss several things across the majors that we are rooting for in the remainder of the season.

We then get to a discussion about the Alex Speier interview with Xander Bogaerts which was full of juicy pieces of information about his struggles and frustrations. We then got to some very fun Tommy Pham quotes about coming to Boston and almost signing here in the offseason.

Lastly, we answered a bunch of your listener questions before ending the show.

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