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OTM Open Thread 8/22: It is Monday

What can you say?

2022 Little League Classic: Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Happy Monday. The Red Sox squandered this series. Losing 15-10, hey, sometimes it happens. Losing 5-3 after begin down 2-1 and coming back only the give the lead up once more? Crushing. And the Orioles, despite their record, just aren’t that good. Boston is off today to travel home and invite the Toronto Blue Jays in for a series. Followed by three with the Tampa Bay Rays. Now you really need 5 of 6 if not two sweeps. And you’ll be doing it without Nathan Eovaldi. If this is it for Xander Bogaerts, J.D. Martinez, and (please please no) Rafael Devers it’s too bad they go out on a team that continues to tease with a win here and there. Talk about what you want and be excellent to each other.