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Daily Links: Whitlock’s Return, A Flame-Throwing Prospect, and Even More Raffy Contract Talk

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Atlanta Braves v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

On WEEI yesterday, ESPN’s Buster Olney said he believed that the Sox will sign Rafael Devers to an extension, and that it’ll be ownership’s decision to do so, not Chaim Bloom’s. To be honest, this sounded like pure speculation, but it’s the kind of speculation I like so I’m not complaining. (Ryan Gilbert, WEEI)

If that’s not enough optimism for you, Chad Jennings outlines what has to go right for the Sox to make the postseason. (Chad Jennings, The Athletic)

Alex Speier has the latest on Garrett Whitlock’s injury recovery, along with the details of how he achieved the highest velocity of his career. (Alex Speier, Boston Globe)

Whitlock’s not the only pitcher in the Sox org who’s gained some het on his fastball. MassLive has a nice look at number one pitching prospect Bryan Mata. If I ever threw 100 MPH, I’m not sure “just something cool” is how I would describe it. (Christopher Smith, MassLive)

In case you’ve forgotten about the season’s new playoff format, the Athletic lays out the details and schedule. We love World Series games in November, don’t we folks? No, no we do not. (Steve Berman, The Athletic)