What is Rafael Devers worth?

We see the rumors. We see the comparisions. What is Rafael Devers really worth?

Braves 3B Austin Riley recently inked a 10yr 212m contract (at the insanely young age of 24) and that just made Devers' deal bigger. Matt Olson's deal of 8yr/168 was a prior comparision but that seemed like an insult to Devers. Devers is an elite hitter, that's for sure... but his fielding and other aspects are lacking. He's overweight. His swings are often lazy and he struggles with overswinging. Obviously, there isn't a "perfect player" but if a team is going to have to pay potentially 30+ million for essentially a hitter. I definitely see Devers getting 25+, worth it or not. He's an incredible hitter, not many can hit .260+ with the power he has, without striking out mu- oh, let's not talk about that. Now, I'd say something around a 8-12 year contract. 25 at the moment, obviously he is going to get a lot of years. Riley is 24 and got 10. Devers is 25, he'll be within the 33-37 age group when that contract is over. In the money area of 20-30 million per year, I would say 9yr/240m. That's 26.6m per year. Obviously with options and stuff, that will be different. Devers is very valuable, even more so if he can work out his flaws. And for sure, I could be just be talking nonsense. Maybe I'm watching someone worth over 30 a year. Just hoping whatever contract happens, it's with the Red Sox.