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Read The Room, Yolmer

Cleveland Guardians vs. Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

As a general rule, I almost never fault a ballplayer for going for the flashy play. The game is supposed to entertain us. There isn’t any kind of inherent value to society that comes from players executing every aspect of the game in the most efficient way possible; but there is a ton of value that comes from ballplayers playing the game in a way that makes someone jump up from their couch, yell “holy shit!,” and accidentally spill a glass of lukewarm water that should have been cleaned up two days ago all over their coffee table.

Having said that, Yolmer, we need to talk.

Now’s just not the right time, dude. Not in the midst of an atrocious 6-16 July. Not when national publications are making the Red Sox defense the butt their jokes. And, most importantly, not when the Boston media hot take artists are itching to bury the team, dig up the corpse and walk it around Weekend At Bernie’s style just for shits and giggles, and then bury it all over again.

Read the room, Yolmer.