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Red Sox Minor Lines: Nick Yorke Gets It Going

Mata finally struggles, But Marcelo and Yorke Keep The Hope Alive

OTM Minor Lines

OK! You all can stop sending us the creepy serial killer notes reading “GIVEZ UZ MINER LYNEZ OR WE STEEL UR HAMSTER!” Minor Lines are back (for now, anyway; this took an annoyingly long time to put together and I might decide you’re all on your own again tomorrow).

Worcester, W 2-1

Triston Casas, 1B: 0-3, 1 K 1 SF

Connor Wong, DH: 0-4, 2 K

Ronaldo Hernandez, C: 0-3 1BB, 1PB

Eduardo Bazardo: 3 IP, 3H, 0ER, 1BB, 2K

Thompson: 2 IP, 0H, 0ER, 1BB, 3K

Simpson: 2 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 2 K

Kelly: 2 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 2 K

We love bullpen games, don’t we folks? No, no we do not. But at least this one was well pitched. Bazardo now has 14 strikeouts to just 3 walks in 13.1 innings in July, and might be worth a look in the big league bullpen.

Portland, L 6-1

Ceddanne Rafaela, CF: 0-4, 3K

David Hamilton, 2B: 2-3, 1 2B, 1 BB, 1 RBI, 1 SB

Nick Northcut, 3B: 1-4, 2 K

Christian Koss, SS: 0-4, 0 K

Hudson Potts, 1B: 0-4, 2 K

Bryan Mata: 2.2IP, 2ER, 2H, 4BB, 1 K

Michael Gettys: 0.1IP, 0H, 0BB, 0K

Matt Barnes: 1IP, 2K

Oddanier Mosqeda: 2IP, 2H, 3ER, 0B, 2K, 2HR

Rio Gomez: 2IP, 2H, 1ER, 1BB, 3K, 1HR

Mata was going to have a bad start, eventually, folks. Let’s not overreact and see how he bounces back. As for the offense, I can only assume the team had a little too much fun in Hartford the night before. And what do you expect, really? Stick a bunch of young, single guys in Hartford, Connecticut for a night and they’re bound to go a little overboard.

Greenville, L 7-5

Nick Yorke, 2B: 1-5, HR, 1 K

Niko Kavadas, 1B: 2-4, HR, 2 RBI, 1 K

Tyler McDonough, LF: 3-5, 2B, SB 2K

Gilberto Jimenez, CF: 1-3, 1 BB, 2 K

Matthew Lugo, SS: 0-5, 2 K

Uberstine: 5IP, 1ER, 2H, 0BB 4K

Montero: 1IP, 4ER, 3H, 0BB, 0K, 1HR

Roedahl: 1IP, 2ER, 2H, 1BB, 1K

Cellucci: 1IP, 0ER, 3H, 0BB, 0K

Arredondo: 1IP, 0ER, 1H, 0BB, 1K

Don’t let the final score get you down. For the most part, the people we want to do good things in this game did said things. Yorke’s homer is the highlight of the night, obviously, and if he can stay on the field and hit for the next month and a half, it would really make the system look a whole lot better at the end of the year. Uberstine’s starting to put together a very strong second half, and shout out to Brendan Cellucci for producing one of the more impossible pitching lines you’ll see.

Salem, Susp 5-0

Marcelo Mayer, SS: 2-2, 2B, 1BB 1 RBI

Brainer Bonaci, 2B: 1-2 1HR, 1BB, 3 RBI

Blaze Jordan, 1B: 0-3, 1 GIDP

Eddinson Paulino, 3B: 1-2, 2R, 1 BB

Wikelman Gonzalez: 4IP, 1H, 3BB, 7K

Wikelman has a nice little bounce back outing that, thankfully, was cut short by rain before anything bad could happen to ruin the vibes. Once again, Marcelo is responsible for the two most beautiful things on the field: a double down the line and that head of hair.