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OTM Open Thread 7/15: It is Friday

A march back to .500?

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

TGIF. July has taken the wind out of the Red Sox sails. All of it. Boston now sits behind Tampa Bay and the Seattle Mariners in the Wild Card race, tied with the Toronto Blue Jays for the final spot. And the Baltimore Orioles, riding a 10 game winning streak, are just 1.5 games back. The good news: Nathan Eovaldi is back and starting against the Yankees at 7:05 PM ET. The slide, remember, was during the replacement rotation era. So there’s a a chance the ship is righted quickly with Sale and Eovaldi and Whitlock returning. Talk abuot what you want, hope for a win tonight, and be good to one another.