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OTM Open thread 7/13: It is Wednesday

Bullpen woes

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday. The good last night: Chris Sale looked pretty much like his old self and the Tampa Bay Rays were systematically retired. Until the bullpen came in and the wheels fell off. Which isn’t to say the bullpen is always bad - it did some great work over the weekend. But it’s unpredictable. Can Alex Cora (or really Chaim Bloom) get this part of the team to be more consistent as Sale, Garrett Whitlock (headed to the ‘pen) and Nathan Eovaldi return from the IL? The Red Sox can still get a split thanks to this series being four games...which isn’t nothing. First pitch at 7:10 PM ET. Talk about what you want, fight to the All-Star Break, and be good to one another.