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Please excuse our appearance!

We will return to regularly scheduled programming as soon as possible.

What Would Have Been Red Sox Opening Day
It us.
Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Hello, Over the Monster readers. Yesterday, our site manager, Matt Collins, left his job as site manager to return to his home planet. It was bittersweet. He will be missed on this planet, whereas on said home planet they figure to be pretty happy, but it leaves us a little short-staffed and directionless, hence this note.

To be abundantly clear, Vox Media has not chosen a replacement at the moment. In fact, they have told us nothing! The relevant parties appear to be on vacation and we support vacations, albeit if they leave us adrift. But OTM lives, and we will continue to preview and recap every game just as we always do. There will be podcasts, too. But... the daily links might not be forthcoming and there might be less #content than you’re used to until we establish a new normal. I should add that if you’d like to become part of this new normal, @ us on Twitter (where I will at least temporarily have the keys) or email me at bjoiner at gmail dot com and let me know that you’re interested. Chances are we’d be happy to have you. If we took in Keaton, we’ll take in just about anybody.

That concludes our announcement. We will be at full speed again soon. Go Sox.